STAND TOOLS was established in Taiwan since 1988. Because of persevering, training, acting, not excusing the failure, looking for better quality and R&D, STAND TOOLS was successfully building a perfect beginning. Although there are few resources, STAND TOOLS has stepped steadily due to the accomplishments of new products introduced into the market fast and efforts of all staff and researchers.
In order to manufacture products efficiently, increase the quantity of output, and improve the working environment, STAND TOOLS moved and extended the factory in 1996. It was the serious time since devaluation of New Taiwan Dollar. However, STAND TOOLS was not only passing the depression but also keeping the sales growth. Moreover, because of the new 6000 square factory, STAND TOOLS can improve the quality, enhance the capacity, and offer much better service. It created outstanding records in the decade. Facing the violent rivalry in the hand tool market and the rapid improvement of transportation and technology, STAND TOOLS starts the international busi ness. Therefore, STAND TOOLS standardized the production procedure within the ISO 9001 approved on March in 1999. It makes STAND TOOLS have more competitive advantages than other manufacturers and trade companies.
STAND TOOLS has engaged in establishing the CIS, or Corporate Identify System since 1999. For the enterprise, it is useful for improving the organizing policy, raising the employees' centripetal force and sense of responsibility, and unifying the thinking and behaving. Nevertheless, it is helpful for unifying the vision identification and emphasizing our own brand image, which can make the company much more competitive.
To have the more advantages in the various international markets now and in the future, STAND TOOLS will always pay attention to the management concepts of Professional, Creativity, and Sincerity. More new products and long-term benefits will be made for the customers who support STAND TOOLS all the time.


Service Ranges ODM, OEM, Private Brand Exporting
Product Lines Magnetic Tools, Screwdriver, Hardware
Factory Area 5,000 square melers
Employees 50
R&D Cpst/Annual Sales 15%



In decades years, Stand Tools Enterprise Co., Ltd. has propelled itself into the upper echelons of the ratchet screwdriver and magnetic pick-up tool business. As the global leader in the first category, it should be attributed to the constant innovation.

Most Stand's remarkable rise can be attributed to its president, Jason Shiao, and the 50 or so employees in the company. The company has enviable profit margins because of efficient management and outstanding R&D capability.

"Stand is the top ratchet screwdriver maker, "Shiao claims. "We have the most models, the largest production volume, and the most comprehensive function options and combinations on our products. We expect to become the world's top magnetic pick-up tools supplier before long."

Born to Design

Stand's rapid success is based on the company's excellent capability in innovation and development. Shiao currently heads an R&D team staffed by five talented experts. "Innovation and development are my work, hobby, and life." Shiao says with a smile.

Hsiao is an industry innovator with over 23 year R&D experience in electrical circuitry, machinery, and hand tool design. The indefatigable executive sleeps only four hours a day and spends all of his available time researching and designing "anything interesting, "as factory layout, new equipment, or a hydraulic cooler for a central processor.

"There is an R&D-oriented soul in our company," Shiao says. "It exists in my love of invention and everyone who visits my office will notice it. I consider it enthusiasm." In front of his desk, there is an expensive high-end fuse deposition modelers ( FDM ) for rapid product prototyping, enabling him to indulge his passion whenever he wants to. According to Shiao, the prototyping machine can turn out a prototype of screwdriver handle in four to eight hours, compared with the standard 24 hours using other techniques. The machine also produces samples that resemble the real thing in appearance, color and function, and it can link directly to mold development machinery, saving both time and money.

Due to his zeal for R&D, Stand has registered more than 130 patents and continued to register about one or two more each month. "We have become a synonym for innovation in the industry, " Shiao says. Rapid and cost-effective development capability is also strengthened by the company's long-term experience and mold-development capability. "We adopt core-change molds in our plastic-injection parts production. The advanced and high-precision molds, though relatively expensive, save us a lot of time and cost in developing mold for new handles.

Stand's strong development capability also bases on its superior know-how in utilizing both traditional and advanced materials: plastics, alloys, and magnetic steel are used in its products. Such know-how gives his company strong advantage to compete with other foreign competitors.

Outstanding Performance

Stand now accounts for over 80% of Taiwan's exports in the ratchet screwdriver category. The company has developed over 5,600 standardized parts that Stand can assemble into a nearly infinite variety of screwdriver models meeting any function or price combination a customer could want. "The more pieces you have, the more functions, styles, and price combinations you can have," Shiao says. Stand now supplies over 1,700 ratchet and multi-function screwdriver models, and the number is expected to grow at an even higher speed in the years ahead. The average number of parts of gear-less ratchet screwdrivers produced by Stand includes over 30 parts, which make the products unrivaled precision, function and durability. The company has sold over 30 million units of one type of ratchet screwdrivers alone in just the past few years. It is obvious evidence that Stand's products are popular and competitive.

The ISO9001-certified Stand currently turns out about 600,000 ratchets and gearless screwdrivers per month at its 6,000-square-meter assembly plant in Taichung, central Taiwan. "Our close and long-term relationship with over 370 satellite plants has made us become an extremely streamlined maker,"Shiao says.

All of Stand's output is exported to major international tool brands in the U.S., Europe, Japan and other countries, mainly on and original design manufacturer (ODM) basis. The company is also trying to sell directly to large-scale retailers in the U.S. and promote its own- brand products.

No. 55, Cheng Feng Lane, Tai-Ming Road, Wu-Jih, Tai Chung Taiwan 414,R.O.C.

TEL: 886-4-2335 6489 FAX: 886-4-2335 6491